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 Terms & Conditions



General Conditions  for purchase and delivery of products through multi-level marketing (

Section 1: Terms and Definitions

1)      Parent company: the company operating under the name NcSoft who is responsible for the registration and maintenance of the website www.ur-marketplace;

2)      Website: the place (internet medium) that offers the products of the parent company through whom a deal is made without requiring parent company and consumer to be at the same location at the same time

3)       Consumer: a person who does not act in behalf of his profession or a company and who makes a deal with the parent company without being physically present

      ;but also the corporation who makes a deal with the proprietor without being physically present;

4)      (Long) distance deal: A system organized by the parent company used for the selling of products and/or services including the making of the deal (agreement) without requiring parent company and consumer to be at the same location at the same time, using one or more technics for long distance communication;

5)       Father Account manager: the head salesman of the parent company

6)       Child Account manager: the salesman who works under direct supervision of the head salesman of the parent company;

7)       Commission: the amount the parent company pays to the Father Account

manager or the Child Account manager;

8)       Products and Categories: all products offered for sale by the parent company through the website in a certain category;

9)       Client: every person or corporation who decides to buy with the intervention of an   Account manager;

10)  General Conditions: the present general conditions of the proprietor.

Section 2: Management and incorporation:
The website is managed by the parent company, NcSoft incorporated.

Section 3: Applicability:

1)      These general conditions apply to every offer, deal and order made between the account manager and the consumer while they are not in the same place at the same time;

2)      Before a deal is made, the text of these general conditions is made available to the consumer. In case this is not possible, then before the deal is made, the consumer will be informed that the general conditions are available for inspection at the parent company or /and with the account manage and

to the consumer if requested.

3)      In case a deal is made electronically, then different from the foregoing point, before the deal is made the text of these general conditions will be made available electronically to the consumer in such a way that it can be saved easily. In case this is not possible, then before the deal is made it will indicated were the consumer can obtain the general conditions electronically. This information will be forwarded to the consumer free of charge, electronically or by other means, if requested

4)      In case one or more clauses in these general conditions become partly or totally null and void or nullified at any given moment, then the deal and the other conditions remain valid and that after deliberation that clause should be replaced without delay by a clause representing the meaning of the original as close as possible

5)      Situations not mentioned in these general conditions should be handled according to ’the spirit’ of these general conditions;

6)      Obscurities concerning the explanation or contents of one or more clauses from our conditions should be explained according to ’the spirit’ of these general conditions


 Section 4: The offer

1)      In case an offer is valid for a limited time or is conditional, such will be stated explicitly in the offer;

2)      The offer is not binding. The parent company has the right to change the offer or to alter it;

3)      The offer contains a full and detailed description of the offered products and services. The description is detailed enough to allow the consumer to make a good assessment of the offer. If the parent company is using images, these are a truthful representation of the offered products and/or services. The parent company cannot be held responsible for supposed errors or mistakes in the offer;

4)      All images, specifications and data in the offer are indications and cannot be used as a motive for a claim or to dissolve the deal

5)      The images that accompany the products are a truthful representation of the products offered. The parent company cannot guarantee that the products have exactly the same colors as seen on the images;

6)      Every offer contains such information so that it is clear to the consumer what rights and obligations are his if accepting the offer


Section 5: The price

1)      All payments take place right after invoicing through the website. This is done through a system on this website. Cash payment can also be made at delivery. Taking products and paying later for them is not possible under no circumstances;

2)     In case of inaccuracies on the invoice, the consumer has the obligation to immediately inform the account manager

3)     During the time indicated in the offer, the prices of the offered products will not be increased except in case of a rice in prices due to developments in the exchange market


4)      Different from point 3), the parent company can offer products or services to variable prices if the prices are linked to fluctuations on the financial market  where the parent company has no influence. This dependency to fluctuations plus the factthat eventual mentioned prices are basic (guiding) prices, will be mentioned in the offer;


5)      The prices of the products or services mentioned in the offer have tax included

6)     All prices are liable to type or print errors. We do not accept liability for the results of type and print errors. In case of type and print errors the parent company is not obliged to deliver the product to the wrongly indicated price.


Section 6: Conformity and Warranty

1)            The parent company guarantees that the products and or services are in accordance with the deal made and with the specifications mentioned in the offer and are in accord with the reasonable requirements of validity and/or usage and with the legal requirements or governmental stipulations at the time when the deal is made. In case it is agreed upon, the parent company

guarantees that the product is good for other than normal use;


2)            A warrant given by the parent company or the manufacturer does not diminish the legal rights and  claims of the consumer due to the deal made with the parent company

3)            The warranty period of the parent company corresponds with that of the manufacturer. However, the parent company can never be held responsible for  the final suitability of the products for every individual application by consumers. Neither for advise as to the use or the application of the products;

4)      The warrant in not valid in case:

-         The consumer himself has repaired and/or altered the products or if he has them repaired and/or altered by others

-         .If the products have been exposed to abnormal circumstances or haven not been treated correctly or contrary to the directions of the parent company and/or are treated contrary to the direction printed on the package

-           The defects inconsistencies are wholly or partly the result of directions stipulated by the government or that will be stipulated by the government as to the nature and quality of the applied materials.

5)      The parent company does not guarantee and is not liable for medical problems suffered by the consumer due to use of one of its products.

6)      It is not yet possible to return products


Section 7:Delivery and excecution

1)            The parent company will take the utmost care when accepting and processing orders of products and when assessing requests for services;

2)      Products ordered by the consumer will be collected by the Father Account manager at the parent company and will be delivered to the consumer by the Child Account manager;

3)     Having regard to what is stated in clause 4) of this article, the parent company will diligently process accepted orders at the utmost within 3(three) days. In case ordered products cannot be delivered or this can be done partially, the consumer will receive notification of this at the utmost 7 (seven) days after he placed the order. In that case the consumer has the right to dissolve the deal without being charged. The consumer has no right to receive compensation.

4)      All times of delivery are indicative. The consumer cannot claim rights on the bases of times mentioned. If the time of delivery is exceeded, this does not give the consumer the right to receive compensation;

5)      The risk of damage and/or loss of products lies with the parent company until the moment of delivery to the consumer or to a representative indicated by the consumer and made known to the account manager unless explicitly indicated otherwise;


Section 8: Diffferences

Deals between the account manager and the consumer made under these general conditions are solely subject to Surinamese law. This also applies if the consumer lives abroad;


Section 9: Supplementary or different conditions

Supplementary conditions or those differing from these general conditionsshould not be to the disadvantage of the consumer and must be written in such a way that they can be saved in a way accessible to the consumer;


Section 10: Modification General Conditions
The parent company retains the right to modify these General Conditions if there are reasons to do so


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