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Father Account manager: Account manager recruited directly by the parent company. He is directly responsible for the internet sales, and is designated as’ Father’

Child Account manager: person who works under supervision of the Father Account manager and is designated as ‘Child’.

1) Who decides who gets the position of Father?

One has to send a request to the contact page: Then, depending on the area you live in, the program decides if you can become a Father Account manager. The area you choose is important. Ur-market can only be contacted through the afore mentioned contact page.

                2) Who decides who can become Child?

           The Father decides that.

3) How many Children can be included in the program?

There is no limit on the number of Children who can be included.


             5)      Do I have to pay to be entered as Account manager?

There is no payment is required for that.

6) How does the Father know if the Child has generated funds?

After every transaction the Father and the Child receive an e-mail.

7)      How do Account managers obtain the products? (Suppose Child # 5 has an order).

The Father takes the ordered products at the parent company and gives them to Child # 1. Child # 1 gives them to Child # 2 and Child # 2 to Child # 3, then Child # 3 to Child # 4 and Child # 4 to # 5. Finally, Child # 5 delivers the products to the consumer.

8) How are the products payed for?

9)  Can I sell my products to shop owners?

 No. Especially non-exclusive products are being sold for a low cost price to reach de 50-100%  profit margin. The retail price is SRD 20. To be able to reach the 50% margin, NcSoft has adjusted the wholesale price to SRD 12.50 for the Ur-market salesman. It is prohibited to obtain products and then sell them for SRD 15 to shop owners. Ur-market products must be sold to consumers according to stipulated prices (in this case SRD 20). If a Child Account manager’ does not stick to these fixed prices, the ‘Father Account manager’ has the right to delete him from the program.

When the Father collects the products at the mother company he pays cash.

When delivering products to retailers, cash payment is also required.



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